Air chippers are ideal for light demolishing work, Brick and tiles.

Air Breakers are ideal for large scale concrete demolishing and breaking of Asphalt

Contact our Hire controller to ensure the correct machine is used when it comes to rock breaking

Models available:

  • 7kg Air Chipper
  • 30kg Air Breaker
  • 40kg Air Breaker
  • 24kg Rock Drills
  • Scrabblers


  • Moils & Chisels
  • Asphalt Chisels
  • Tapered Bolder Busters
  • Clay Spades
  • Drill Rods (0.8m, 1.2m, 1.6m, 2.4m)
  • Knock off bits (32mm, 34mm, 36mm, 38mm, 46mm)

Lubricating oil for Breakers and Rock drills are sold separate in 1 litre bottles.