Demolition Equipment:

  • B70 Breaker – This 30kg machine offers an unbelievable breakout force. Attachment available are moils,chisels,asphalt cutters, clay spades and tapered bolder busters.
  • G7 Chipper – This 7kg machine is light and easy to handle, perfect for light demolition work. Attachments available are moils, chisels and wide chisels.
  • Y24 Drill – This 24kg Rock drill is high production and very durable. Attachment available are In-line lubricator bottles, drill rods ranging from 0.8m – 2.4m and Knock off bits ranging from 32mm – 46mm.


  • PVC Air hose   – 3/4″ x 25m
  • Breaker oil        – 10W Mono grade
  • Couplings          – Male, Female and Hose tails
  • Whip locks        – Always think safety!