Towable boom lifts consist of an articulated boom and turntable mounted on a towable trailer chassis. These versatile machines can be towed behind vehicles which is the most distinguishing benefit by allowing users a cheap and convenient way to transport a mobile elevated working platform. Towable Boom Lifts are powered by either batteries that are rechargeable through a standard electric outlet or by a petrol engine.

Models Available:

  • Nifty 120 – Working height: 12.33m Working out reach: 5m
  • Nifty 140 – Working height: 14.25m Working out reach: 6.40m
  • Nifty 170 – Working height: 17.10m Working out reach: 8.70m


NB: All operators must be trained before operating a MEWP (Mobile Elevated working Platform)

Warning: For your safety, warnings are on the platform and in manufacturer’s manual, failure to obey warning can cause injury or death.

Suitable towing vehicle required as Cherry Pickers weigh between 1200 & 1900 kg.

Drivers to be in possession of EB licence in order to tow.

Test certificate for Cherry Picker available on request.

Own safety harness required.

Think Safety!